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Customary Style
Our counseling style is empathetic, genuine and warm while also being practical and realistic.

We offer a free telephone consultation (up to 10 minutes) in which we will address any questions or concerns you may have about the counseling process. Upon conclusion of this conversation, you can determine if Release Counseling & Consulting is a good fit for your unique needs and proceed to scheduling an appointment.

Counseling Sessions
The initial intake session ranges 60-75 minutes. Subsequent sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and are scheduled in accordance with your individual needs.

Confidentiality is a critical component that insures privacy and safety within the counseling relationship. Your confidentiality is meticulously preserved and information will not be disclosed without your written permission with the exception of legal and professional requirements.

**Virtual Sessions ​require a computer that uploads/downloads at 500 kbps/.5 mbps or greater, webcam and microphone.