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We all suffer from sadness and grief from time to time, but they usually go away within a few days. However, major depression is something far more serious. People who are battling with this condition experience an overwhelming sadness and usually lose interest in things they used to enjoy. In worst cases, people who are experiencing depression feel that life is not worth living. 

Depression is more common than most people believe. Studies indicate that about 20 million people in the US suffer from depression every year, and that one in every four adults will suffer from at least one episode of depression before the age of 24.

Depression also affects people regardless of age, gender or race. Research shows that about 11% of adolescents will experience depressive disorder by the age of 18 while 30% of college students are unable to perform in school due to depression. In addition, 10% of seniors are diagnosed with a depressive disorder. However, while members of both genders are at risk of experiencing depression, women are 70% more likely to experience the condition during their lifetime.     

Depression is a serious matter. No one needs to go through it alone so let us be there for you during these especially trying times. Let us help you uncover the root cause of your problems so you can finally find the peace and happiness that you have been looking for all along. Let us help you heal.
When the going gets tough, don’t be afraid to reach out. Give us a call, send us an email or leave your personal information using the contact form in our website. We will always be here for you, services are offered online, by phone and in-person.