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Time....tick tock

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Time....tick tock


If I were to give you 31,536,000 of something valuable, would you be excited?  Would you think you would have plenty?  Would you think you could casually discard some of it because there was more where that came from?  Would you openly share it thinking there was more than enough to cover you? 

Now, what if I told you I would give you 1 of something valuable…would your perspective of how much you had be drastically altered?  Would you want to cherish the 1 thing and not take it for granted?  Would you want to share it?

31,536,000 or 1??????

Thirty one million, five hundred thirty six thousand seconds are in 1 year (approximately).   When looking at the former, it seems like more than enough but when we alter the interpretation of the time to 1 it drastically changes.  Would you agree?  All of a sudden 1 year does not seem like quite so much after all.  If sold on the stock market, time would hardly be considered a blue chip stock – one known to be stable with a history of consistent returns.

So often we take time for granted.  We act as if our allotment has been shorted an hour or two or three.  It can seem like we never have enough time to accomplish what we set out to do.  Interestingly enough, time is one thing that is equally distributed to everyone across all age groups, sexes, abilities and socioeconomic statuses.  Every day we all receive the exact same amount of time.  It is what we choose to do with it that separates those deemed “successful” from those who are not.  We blame ‘time’ for our disappointments and shortcomings.  We say “I did not have enough time”, “I ran out of time” or “Time got away from me” as if it were a puppy that ran away.  Sadly, we cannot hand out posters asking for recovery and return of “time”.  The truth is that everyone manages their time in accordance with what is important to him/her.

What is done with your daily dose of time is up to you.  Will you let someone ‘steal’ it from you?  One way to control your daily dose is by making sure you don’t waste it or spend it on the wrong thing or dare I say the wrong person.  Are you focusing on the past or things that you have no control over?  Are you expending energy on things that are not going to yield a positive return in your life nor get you closer to your dreams?  Are you casually existing on the sidelines making excuses for nonchalant or unmotivated behavior by watching others live their lives?  Consider how much time is wasted watching others do things we would like to do ourselves.  What is stopping you?  Is it that you feel you don’t have time….contrarily, you have plenty of time.  It probably took you about 2.5 seconds to say or think “I don’t have time”.  This leaves you over 31 million seconds left.  What are you going to do with them?

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