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Thursday, October 1, 2015


Do you find yourself wondering “What happened?” or “How did my life end up like this?”  These questions can arise when we find ourselves in transition.  Transitions often lead to questioning if you are happy with your life.  How you define happiness will determine the answer.  If you are in the midst of a transition, your answers may be influenced by your current situation.  Whether our finances, careers or relationships are where we would like them to be can make us evaluate our successes.  Many of us base our level of happiness on societal definitions.

Happiness begins internally and should be sought despite environmental influences.  Our happiness is determined by what we view as giving us peace and/or pleasure.  This can be our accomplishments or successes but can also be our responses to failures.  How? Our ability to overcome adversity and persevere can show us our strengths and give us insight as to who we really are.  We often try to go it alone but actively seeking help from others is a sign of wisdom.  The knowledge of others can provide insight to new perspectives.  It is our choices from alternatives that influence our view of happiness.

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